Commonly Asked Questions


What kind of clothes should I wear?
You don’t need special clothes but you can dress up if you want to. God is more interested in your heart than the clothes you wear!

What denomination is Church Alive?
Church Alive is non denominational. We are “Full Gospel” which means we believe the entire Bible. We are not an “exclusive” group, that thinks we are the only true Christians. People here are from a variety of backgrounds.

What is the structure of Church Alive?
We follow a divine order as shown in the Bible. The pastor was placed here by God in 1992 and is the head submitting to his boss the Lord Jesus Christ. The pastor is accountable and receives counsel from a board of trustees.

Do we practice communion and baptism?
Yes, as announced. For baptism, fill out a Care and Communication Card, located in each aisle, and put it in the offering.

What if I drink, smoke or cuss, am I welcome?
Absolutely! People here will not judge you. Besides, most of us did at one time too!

How can I be involved?
We want you to be a part. There is a place for you to serve! Start by being faithful in attendance and God will direct you!

How can I contact the Pastors?
You can fill out a Care and Communication Card found in each aisle with your prayer requests and questions and put the card in the offering bucket. Include your phone number if you would like a call.