We are thrilled that you have chosen to be our guest!

Culture can be defined as the behavior and characteristics of a group. So what is the culture of Church Alive?

The people who are Church Alive are loving, friendly, and genuine. Although no one is perfect, the people walk the walk rather than just talking the talk. The majority of people are active in the ministry by helping, praying, and giving.

Church Alive has a unique calling from God and is different than many other churches. Church Alive is a spiritual church. All ministry at Church Alive is centered on what the Bible says rather than the opinions and traditions of men. Many have stated that “after attending Church Alive they have learned more in three months than the last thirty years”. Also, God is present in our services! We not only believe in the power of God but experience miracles, healings, and answers to prayer all the time! We are not embarrassed by the Holy Spirit and His supernatural workings.

So, are you hungry for more of God? Are you looking for a church where the people won’t judge you? Do you desire to get your kids and youth in a church that teaches them real substance? Wouldn’t it be great to find a church that doesn’t play religious games and peace and unity prevail? Do you want to grow spiritually and deepen your relationship and understanding of God? If so, you will find this at Church Alive.

Pastors Dan & Cathi and their family and
the people who are Church Alive.