"Church Alive has touched and changed my life; it satisfies my hunger for God's Word.  The Pastor is an anointed teacher of the Word of God.  I have not only learned more of God's Word, but now have a much closer relationship with Jesus.  I have grown spiritually and am stronger in Christ."              Mark M.

"Because of partnering with Church Alive, we have received spiritual and temporal blessings as well as being delivered from legalism.  We've experienced tremendous growth in our walk with God, our Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit our Comforter and Helper.  Our understanding of the Full Gospel has been expanded, our love for our church family increased, we've become living sacrifices through the use of our spiritual gifts and time."          John & Gloria O.

"Being a member of Church Alive has taught me to be a doer of God's Word as well as how to appropriate God's promises.  It has been and continues to be very beneficial to my Christian growth."        Judy N.

"Before coming to Church Alive, I was hurting inside, empty, depressed, jumping from one relationship to another trying to find the "right one".  As I grew more unhappy I cried out to God to change my life, because I couldn't.  An immediate change took place.  God led me to Church Alive.  I've found the "right one", His name is Jesus.  My Christianity is alive, the Bible has come alive.  I now stand on the Word of God by faith through difficulties until I see a breakthrough."        Kris P.

"At Church Alive I was healed of a terminal lung cancer and deafness in one ear."            Deloris C.

"At Church Alive we learned that when we believed AND acted on the Word we prospered far beyond our expectations."        Robert & Tracy T.

"I have found a church home in Church Alive as well as an awesome pastor who preaches the Word of God without watering it down.  Through everything, the church has always been there for me."            Jesse H.

"At Church Alive I have really grown spiritually and God continues to show me many wonderful things."        Erica A.

"At Church Alive I learned about the authority of the believer and how to use that authority."            Sandy H.

"At Church Alive we have been blessed!  I needed a job, my husband Chuck wanted and received a driving job.  There has been a marvelous change in our son Josh."      Loretta R.

"At Church Alive, God healed me of asthma.  He also gave me direction in my life.  I was engaged to marry and God told me I was marrying the wrong man.  He eventually showed me who the right man was and we have a wonderful marriage.  God will lead and direct you - but you need to listen!"        Cathi M.

"While sitting in church, watching others get prayed for, I was supernaturally healed of fibrocystic breast disease and endometriosis."            Vicki C.

"Three important things I appreciate about Church Alive are:  1) The time, support and encouragement Pastor Dan gave when our son died.  2) The pure, uncompromised teaching of the Word.  3) Pastor Dan never shies away from controversial issues such as finances, healing, etc."          Tricia S.

"At Church Alive my heavenly Father has opened my spiritual being to be able to understand His Word, to teach me what I need to know and to remove or correct certain things.  God gave my son Mark and I pastors who are compassionate and caring that I can really talk to."            Ernie L.

"At the invitation of a friend of a friend, I visited Church Alive.  I immediately saw that people here had something I really wanted...a real relationship with God.  After praying the prayer of salvation, I knew that this time I really meant the words, no doubt.  In the past years I've had incredible changes in my life.  I've been healed of a serious illness, my husband and children are learning how powerful God's Word is in our lives, my husband is now the spiritual leader of our family.  I am so grateful I'm saved, loved by God, have a home in heaven and the Holy Spirit is always with me."            Lisa C.

"Since coming to Church Alive I have learned a lot about faith.  1) Say it.  2) Do it.  3) Receive it.  4) Tell it.  The Pastor's teaching really makes the Word of God come alive.  Only the Word of God is taught here, no man-made false doctrines.  I thank God for a church that has Jesus as its head instead of man directed governmental body.  I've witnessed first hand the Holy Spirit's healing power in my own body at Church Alive.  I've said it, did it, received it, and now told it."            Charles P.

"I consider myself blessed to have found Church Alive.  This is truly a Word of faith church and Pastor Dan's anointed teaching is enlightening, educating, faith building and always in line with God's Word.  Everything is God centered, positive, optimistic and joyful."            Donna P.

"Here is what God delivered me from this weekend:  bipolar disorder, diabetes, asthma, traumatic brain injury, short-term memory loss, glaucoma, panic disorder, carpel tunnel syndrome, metabolic syndrome, chronic pain, nerve damage/neuropathy, migraines, obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol, addictive-type personality (food, cigarettes, etc.), agoraphobia, and coronary artery disease!"                   Tracy H.