There are so many kinds of churches, which one is right?  Who should you believe?

Don't you think that church should be a place where you find God?

Unfortunately, in many churches today you'll find everything but God!  (This has left many people dissolution)

Many churches today have replaced God's presence with performance and made the Word of God (the Bible) powerless through the ideas and traditions of man.  Many have become social clubs with little spirituality or reality.

According to polls, Americans choose a church based on:

1.  How attractive the building is.

2.  Convenience of parking.

The number one consideration should be:  Is the Word of God proclaimed and practiced in a spirit of faith and love?

Just about all Christian churches say they believe the Bible and they do but often they have mixed in the ideas of man.  So why is this bad?  Because it short circuits the power of God to show that Jesus is Alive.

The number two consideration should be can you witness miracles, healings and changed lives?  You will witness these proofs that Jesus is alive because God will perform HIS WORD.  (He is under no obligation to perform the word of man.)

At Church Alive many 1000s have been saved, healed, filled with the Holy Spirit, marriages restored, set free...   in short experienced changed lives showing the power of Jesus alive!

No church is perfect.  A church is people.  At Church Alive everyone is at different spiritual levels and everyone can say their life has changed for the better.