KIDS ALIVE (ages 3-9): Children's Classroom

Children’s ministry is a high priority at Church Alive. In an effort to safeguard children, all children’s ministry workers are approved by application and background check. We only allow people we know and trust to work with the kids.

We endeavor to present the Word in an exciting way that kids can understand. Through weekly services, special events, and activities there can be a generation that grows up to say, “I’ve never known anything but living for the Lord.” Children are not the church of tomorrow, but TODAY! By involving them in ministry, they can see Jesus working with them and that they are important to God now! Church Alive is dedicated in assisting parents in developing their children into Godly adults. By making children services innovative, creative and fun your kids will love church!

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Children's Ministry

Children's Ministry

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NURSERY (ages 0-2): Nursery Room

We have a class during every scheduled church service. We minister to the babies on their level: introducing the love of God. For your babies protection, the nursery minister will sign you in and give you a tag. The tag will have a number corresponding to your baby. You must have your tag to pick up your child!