Youth Alive will meet on Sunday mornings as announced.

This age really needs to know the Lord.  They need Jesus to get through their school days, to put up with peer pressure, to make the right decisions when faced with issues such as drugs, sex, alcohol and other things that our youth are tempted with.

We want to build the youth into strong, godly Christian adults.  They are tomorrows leaders!  We emphasize character traits, God's love for them, God's wonderful unique plan for each one of them, that they have a purpose that they are important, and making Jesus first in their lives.  "Seek first the kingdom of God..."   Matthews 6:33


Youth Alive need fellowship with others of good lifestyle.  Activities like sledding and cookouts will be planned.  We try to schedule activities that will not be expensive.  Watch the announcements for any up-coming events for these groups. 

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